Monday, April 20, 2020

How the trumpet makes me feel

This is how the last post made me feel. The sound of the trumpeting made me feel depressed and made me miss all those dead soldiers even if I didn’t know them. It made me feel small and useless. It made me feel lots of sorrow for those that have died. It makes me sad knowing that they won't see their longing familys ever again. It makes me feel like crying and screaming in hatred and anger at the people who killed them.


  1. The Last Post brings up a lot of emotions doesn't it. Its very emotive! I feel sad when I listen to it and it does make me remember all those soldiers who have gone and never come back.
    Your writing was very powerful.

  2. Wow Zander, you have used such great emotive language. You can really feel the sadness in your writing.
    While it is an incredibly sad song it can also be used to celebrate the life of those that were so brave and fought for our country.

    Keep up the good work Xander.

    Miss Wilson.


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